GigaTribe: the must-have software for online communities

Online communities like Forums and social networks are a great place to get in touch with people and share experiences.

Such Communities offer different features ranging from discussions to uploading pictures, and even sharing movies. However, the volume of this shared content is only a small portion of all the photos, videos and documents saved on members┬┤ hard drives.

One possible reason for this is that the community does not have enough resources to store large amounts of content; however, most often, it is because members do not want to share their content with everyone.

GigaTribe provides the perfect solution for communities who want to offer more sharing features to their members.

Each member will decide exactly what they want to share and who with whom they want to share it. All of their files will remain secure and up-to-date in the privacy of their hard drive. Only selected members will see their files and decide whether or not they wish to download them.

It is definitely a must-have feature for every online community where members keep saved material on their hard drives.

Community examples

  • FlipJuke is a community forum dedicated to Flippers and JukeBox where members share instruction manuals.
  • Xplane is a flight simulation game where members share add-ons.
  • 93Bikers members often create lengthy videos they wish to keep private.