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How can I speed up a transfer?

Most ISPs (internet service providers) offer connections based on ADSL technology. With ADSL, download speeds are much faster than upload speeds.

Beware: ISPs usually refer to download speeds in bits/second and not in Bytes/second. The speed indicated for your ISP is approximately 10 times faster than the actual bytes/second rate!

For example: An ADSL package advertised as 2 Mb will provide you with a maximum download rate of 200KBytes (KB)/second. The upload rate can vary between 15 and 30KB/s.

When you use GigaTribe, you exchange files with other users who are also on an ADSL connection. With ADSL, the upload rate will always limit the transfer speed.

When you download a file, it is uploaded at the fastest rate by your contact, but this rate is still significantly slower than your download capacity.

Your upload speed is also always maximized.

Your download speed is limited by your contacts' upload rate.
Regardless of whether you are a Free user or an Ultimate user, your file transfers with a single contact are always at the maximum possible speed.

To increase your download rate, you must become an Ultimate user and have multiple contacts connected so that you can download files from multiple sources.

The green user uploads at their maximum transfer speed: 30KB/s.
The green user receives files at the maximum upload rate of the blue user (30KB/s), which is still far slower than their maximum download rate of 200KB/s.

The green user is now sharing files with the blue and orange user.

All users upload at the maximum rate of 30KB/s.

The blue and orange users have the same upload rate as the green user. They receive files at a rate of 15KB/s.

The green user has both the blue and orange users' upload rates and is able to receive files at a rate of 60KB/s (30 + 30).

The green user must use the Ultimate version to receive files from both the blue and orange users.