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Transfer files safely and securely with this intuitive and security-conscious software

Article June, 2009 on PC Proc

GigaTribe Ultimate gives you a safer, easier and more versatile method: it lets you set up a dedicated, encrypted peer-to-peer network that's only accessible to those involved in the transferring files. »

Article COOL TECH REVIEW: Gigatribe an Easy P2P Networking Tool

May 31st, 2009 on Eclipse Magazine

Not only do you have full control over the level of permissions you create on your files and directories, the service encrypts all the data as it goes through the network. »

Article GigaTribe Ultimate

May 1, 2009 on Computer Power User

For people who share a lot of big files frequently with a group of tech-savvy friends, GigaTribe Ultimate is definitely worth the money just for the convenience factor. »

Article Tech to Save You Money

April 30, 2009 on SanDiego, Channel 6

You can share big files but only the people that you want are gonna be able to add this. It will go out and add all your contacts from FlickR, Facebook, linkedIn... »

Article GigaTribe review by Jerry Clarke

April, 2009 on

A big problem the Southwest Computer Conference committee members faced was transferring large files between members(...) We no longer have those problems since we started using GigaTribe. We now easily see and transfer files among us. »

Article Review of GigaTribe Software

April 23, 2009 on

Think of it as Facebook for your hard drive. You can create your own network, invite your friends on and share your files. »

Article Social networking and unlimited P2P file sharing shake hands on GigaTribe

April 17, 2009 on

GigaTribe is a free, encrypted and private P2P software community that limits file sharing to GigaTribe users who are part of your own self-governed network. »

Article GigaTribe delivers secure file sharing

March 02, 2009 on

Wouldn't it be nice if you could back away from all the crowds and share files with a small, select group of like-minded colleagues and friends? A tribe, if you will. »

Article There are so many ways to share files with your friends

February 11, 2009 on

Gigatribe allows you to share files with your friends, family and people you know, through a peer to peer private file sharing network. »

Article Gigatribe: Securely Share Files and Folders

February 2, 2009 on

How do you share your photos, music files, videos etc with your friends?
What if you could just let your friends and family have access to your files to get them themselves? »

Article GigaTribe, A New solution to an Old problem

January 30, 2009 on video and article.

Sharing files between friends or colleagues has never been better. With GigaTribe, you are able to retrieve files off of another user without having to ask! »

Article Giga Tribe a file sharing software

January 26, 2009 on

Stephane Herry CEO of Giga Tribe a file sharing software which you can invite your friends to share media off your PC. »

Article Share photos with GigaTribe

January 15, 2009 on

The program allows you to essentially invite your friends onto your hard drive to download the photos they choose rather than requiring you to upload your pictures to a remote server. »

Article Gigatribe Interview at CES

Januray 13, 2009 on G.O.S TV

How to share your hard drive with friends and familly. »

Article Private P2P sharing?

November 24, 2008 on Team Pirate Bay

The company's software will allow users to share photos, videos, music, and documents with other users over a private peer-to-peer network. »

Article GigaTribe promises private file sharing

November 18, 2008 on

It lets people share virtually anything they want via a private P2P network, “no matter how large they are,” it says, promising, “It’s secure, encrypted…and free!” »

Article GigaTribe brings private P2P sharing to U.S.

November 17, 2008 on

At its core, GigaTribe is much like other file-sharing sites on the Web that are being monitored by the RIAA and MPAA, but it creates a private network to keep them out. »

Article GigaTribe Launches Web 2.0 File Sharing Service in the U.S.

November 17, 2008 on

Sharing large files or sensitive documents with friends, clients, and coworkers shouldn't be as hard or as expensive as it is with other services, which can charge up to thousands of dollars a year. »

Article Sharing Your Files With Your Tribe Made Easy With GigaTribe P2P Solution

November 10, 2008 on

Using GigaTribe's P2P system, only your friends can access your files. What's more, you can share entire directories off of your computer, making it possible to share things like portfolios or study projects quickly and easily. »

Article Are you tired of mailing CDs and DVDs back and forth between friends?

October 10, 2008 on Into tomorrow with Dave Graveline

Why not let your friends download those huge files of yours straight of your computer. »