Ultimate FAQ

How many PCs can I install GigaTribe on, and how many users can I activate with one Ultimate User license?

Free users use the same software as Ultimate users.
The username determines whether the software will operate in "free" mode or "Ultimate" mode
If you buy one Ultimate license, you can convert one Free user to an Ultimate user.
You can install GigaTribe on as many PCs as you wish, but one username cannot be connected to more than one computer at a time.
To have two Ultimate usernames, you must buy two Ultimate licenses.

How can I use the Ultimate version after formatting my hard drive or replacing my computer?

After buying an Ultimate license, your user name will automatically be associated with the Ultimate license (this takes place automatically).
If you format your hard drive or use another PC, you just have to download the free version of GigaTribe and then connect using your normal user name. This will automatically enable you to use the Ultimate version of the software.

Ultimate License Activation.

Activation is fully automated. You don't have to download anything or enter any code.
Just connect to GigaTribe with your username to get all the Ultimate features.