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GigaTribe v3.04.013

Free download

License: Free
Release date: april 2, 2014
System Requirements: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8
Size: 11.0 Mb
Languages: English / Español / Français / Deutsch / Italiano / Português

GigaTribe Beta

Version 64 bits : v3.05.012

Version 32 bits : v3.05.012

Upgrade from v2.52

Please uninstall v2.52 before downloading the latest version.

  1. Upgrading won't modify your license nor your contact list.
  2. When launching version 3 for the first time, make sure you connect with your existing username and password. Do not create a new username and password.

Legal use

Downloading GigaTribe does not give you license to obtain or share unauthorized or copyrighted materials. Do not download this program if you intend to use it for copyright infringement.

Free features


  • You may invite up to 500 friends.
  • You may share and download as many files as you like.
  • Any file can be shared regardless of its type or size.
  • Interrupted transfers automatically resume with no data loss.
  • All data transfers are encrypted.
  • A personal chat and a private blog are available for you and your friends.